There is no handy tool to control startup in GNOME 3. If you want to add a custom command to startup, you have to create file ~/.config/autostart/file.desktop manually. This simple program written in C++ and GTK 3 provides user friendly graphical interface for startup managing. The program is designed especially for GNOME 3, however it can also be used in any other desktop environment.


If you are using Debian/Ubuntu, you can install the application from package

For amd64:
sudo dpkg -i startup-settings-amd64.deb
For i386:
sudo dpkg -i startup-settings-i386.deb

If you've installed the package, you don't need to build the program from source code, go to usage.


To save the disk space, you can delete all the downloaded files and dependencies after the installation.


After the installation you can find the program in application menu or run startup-settings in terminal.

Enter startup command into the Command field. It can be:

Depending on the window manager, you can also use drag-and-drop. GNOME 3 allow even drag and drop files.


Usage on GNOME 3 Drag-and-drop GNOME 3
Usage on GNOME 3 Drag and drop on GNOME 3
KDE 5 Cinnamon 3 XFCE 4
KDE 5 Cinnamon 3 XFCE 4


If you have any problems with the application, open an issue. Write me at email, if you have no GitHub account.